Dear Tomato

the smell of rain in the morning. the sight of a lavender field after a storm. the chill in the air after climbing out of bed. the song of a broken heart in the middle of the night. the taste of your lips as i sleep. that last thought before you woke up which set your world to heat.
#bunnyball @starthepokemaster
The most difficult thing i did at work all week. Love my job <3
Went for a walk late afternoon with @starthepokemaster. #kailua #dyke #kailuadyke #hawaii #sun #clouds
i know it’s anime, but i love his attitude #mcm #soul #souleater #soulevans #firstmcm
#waimanalo #ocean #coconuttree #bluesky #paradise #hawaii #oahu #luckyweliveHI #toes #shell
She said, “i don’t know if I’ve ever been good enough, and i don’t know if I’ve ever been really loved.”
My first #wcw everrrr, @starthepokemas.. <3 i love her..she’s my real sister. Always there, knows whats on my mind, corrects me when im wrong and pours shots in my juice. I dont know where I’d be without yoooou <3

Our friendship will be till were wrinkly prunes and we’re gonna have strange colored hair and tattoos on our faces and be sas machines, demanding our senior discount, or we’ll pee on them:)


*snapchats and texts the same person at the same time*

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The first thing I notice are his icy blue eyes. They drink me in and embrace me. The second thing I notice is the bright red blood dripping down the corners of his mouth. His teeth glints, stained with blood. A corner of his mouth pulls up and a fang is shown, he let’s out a breath the tickles my throat.

my breath heaves out of me

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