Dear Tomato

the smell of rain in the morning. the sight of a lavender field after a storm. the chill in the air after climbing out of bed. the song of a broken heart in the middle of the night. the taste of your lips as i sleep. that last thought before you woke up which set your world to heat.


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time to shackle up my creeping heart once again

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Guys this Hannah . Her Instagram is _ lemeeoww_
on the 4th she went missing from the Toronto Warped Tour event . Please if you have seen her anywhere contact the police at (416-808-2200) or her cousin on Instagram . Please signal boost this and help her home .

I dont care what kind of blog you run you still have to repost this

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im a hostess at a restaurant and my favorite thing to do is ask 14/15 year old boys who are out on dates if they want a kids menu 

i love you

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whose dog is it?

That’s a kangaroo

That’s the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen

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Went to the beach with my turtle. My back

Now I want tea




Dumbo Octopi to make myself feel better.

Look at them, aren’t they cuties?

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Experiemental photography 
Painting with the light of the moon

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